How to Make Your Website a Hit like Centsports

There are certain things that go along well with a sports news website and some that do not. Though you cannot simply pin point as to what works with the audience, there are certain things that you can keep in mind while you are working for a sports based website like

An easily identifiable logo

It is imperative that you have your company or website’s logo on your website. For that, you need to first have an eye catchy logo if you do not have one until now. Apart from the logo’s design, you also need to make sure that you place the logo in such a part of your website that it can easily be seen and recognised.

The best way to do this is by placing it at the top, either on the left or on the right. Also, while designing your logo, make sure that it is simple and elegant.


Keep on updating

No visitor likes to visit a news website that has redundant news. So it is important that you keep on updating your home page with links to recent sports stories and development so that your visitors do not feel left out.

In order to ensure this, you need to have a very dedicated team that keeps a tab on what is happening around the globe like all leading websites like centsports do.

Keeps it more visually appealing?

An average news viewer will seldom have the time or the patience to carefully go through all the recent developments in the world of sports. So in order to be informative and more appealing, you need to create content that involves more of visuals and less of texts.

Try keeping more pictures and video clips on your articles, with little texts so that when your visitors see the pictures, they know what they are depicting.