In a free country, discrimination is unethical

A free country is the one, that provides liberty to all of its subjects and allows them to get fundamental rights of expression and speech. The concept of liberty is essential to understand that no slavery or suppression can undermine the status of a few sub-groups of the society. As far as fundamental rights are concerned, a person shall have the right to raise his voice against any suppression faced by him at the hands of other who breach the ethical codes of conduct. These two pillars are the major supporters that have brought a liberal nation like that of America to rise against all the odds.

But when a person comes out of prison after suffering and repenting for the crimes he had committed in his past, he is treated like an inferior subject with no presence of social elements of good cause. All of his reputation is snatched away, and he is casted out of all social events, and this turns into discrimination against that fellow.


However, to gain reputation and get back some status in the society, proofs have to be presented before social leaders, and the same can be done with the help coming from the portals of, a place where jobs could be found for felons in particular.

The liberal nation of America duly understands its own responsibility in upbringing those who have been suffering after being discriminated on their self as a felon. Therefore, the employment rules have been relaxed and a positive approach has been extended towards embracing the past felons by giving them employment opportunities, for they are also human beings and help is the essence of world’s survival. This allows the past felons to raise their standards and kick start a new life that brings them much joy, respect and status out of their hard work and strong will to continue against all the odds.