Know more about face behind Lugano Diamonds

A lot of hard-work goes in making a company successful. Not everyone is able to do so and that’s why not all companies enjoy the success equally. Some are simply successful than the others and there are many reasons behind that. One reason that makes any company huge and successful is the fact that how dedicated the employees are. Only a dedicated and hard-working employer can motivate his or her team. One brand that truly represents how hard-work and excellence can take you long way is Lugano Diamonds and the face of this company is Mr. Moti Ferder.



He is the President and CEO of Lugano Diamonds. He has brought this company to such greater heights with his constant dedication and hard-work. The company is growing in business and this is expected to rise in coming times. The business has expanded to all over the world. This shows how much hard work he has put in.


When the right vision meets the excellence, magic happens. This is what the case with Mr Moti Ferder. His vision to make his company bigger and better and to serve the people with great luxuries has created this magic. His name itself speaks a lot in the diamond business alleys. This is great, isn’t it?


He has so much experience when it comes to diamond business and this can be seen in the way he handles so many departments at the same time. He is a qualified gemologist and into this business since 1991. The company stands for providing masterpieces to each and every client. Close attention is paid while making every design so that the clients are served nothing less the best. Quality is something that company is totally dedicated to. People like Mr Moti Ferder are more like visionaries who want to bring change in their respective fields.